bélyeggyűjtemény [ˈbeːjɛgɟyːjtɛmeːɲ] – stamp collection
bélyeggyűjtés [ˈbeːjɛgɟyːjteːʃ] – stamp collecting; philately
bélyeggyűjtő [ˈbeːjɛgɟyːjtø] – stamp collector; philatelist
postabélyeg [ˈpoʃtɑbeːjɛg] – postage stamp
bélyeg [ˈbeːjɛg] – stamp; postage stamp
bélyegalbum [ˈbeːjɛgɑlbum] – booklet of stamps; stamp album
gyűjteni [ˈɟyːjtɛni] – to collect; to gather
In the past, the phrase “Feljössz megnézni a bélyeggyűjteményemet?” (Would you like to come up to my room/flat and check out my stamp collection?) used to be a pick up line, a phrase to politely ask a girl if she would want to join you for the evening and have sex with you in your room. 😛

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