Pöfögő futrinka

bombardier beetle
Pöfögő futrinka
– Bombardier beetle
[Literally::: puffing quickly-running-beetle]

pöfögő [ˈpøføgøː] – puffing
pöfög [ˈpøføg] – he/she/it is puffing; he/she/it puffs (emits smoke in puffs)
pöfögni [ˈpøføgni] – to puff (to emit smoke in puffs)
pöfékelni [ˈpøfeːkelni] – to puff (for a while)
pöfékel [ˈpøfeːkel] – he/she/it is puffing (for a while)

futni – to run
futrinka [ˈfutrinkɑ]
1) carabus (beetle)
2) quickly running creature
3) very nimble/vivid little girl 🙂

GIF image source.


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