Hungarian vs. Basque #1

[ˈɑɲɑ] – ama – mother
béke [ˈbeːkɛ] – bake; báke – peace
bogyó [ˈboɟoː] – baia – berry
enyém [ˈɛɲeːm] – ene – my
nekem [ˈnɛkem] – enegana – to me
halni [ˈhɑlni] – hil –to die
jég [ˈjeːg] – jela – ice
jönni [ˈjønːi] – jin – to come
kör [ˈkør] – korru – ring; circle
szimat [ˈsimɑt] – suma – sense of smell
zug [ˈzug] – zoko – corner; nook
Based on the books:::
The common Mesopotamian substrate of Hungarian and Basque BY PROF. DR. ALFRÉD TÓTH (Mikes International, The Hague, 2007)
Etymological Dictionary of Basque by R. L. Trask (University of Sussex, 2008)

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