[ˈɑɲoːʃyleːʃ]  – passenger’s seat
[Literally::: mother-in-law’s seat]
anyós [ˈɑɲoːʃ] – mother-in-law
ülés [ˈyleːʃ] – seat; sitting
ülni [ˈylni] – to sit; to be sitting
According to some old rules of etiquette it is the mother-in-law who is sitting next to her daughter’s husband (who is the driver) when the family is going somewhere together. And that is why the seat is named after her. This tradition probably has evolved from the boy’s strategic move, when he was still only dating the girl, to get closer to her mother and make her recognize him as a good boy, who is perfect for her daughter. Because the mother’s opinion is very honoured in a family.
Some other theory says the seat is named after the mother-in-law only because when there is a tragic car accident, then the person sitting on that particular seat will most probably die in the accident… and some mother-in-laws can be really nerve-racking, so they will always be given that seat…

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