Hungarian proverbs #48

Majd ha piros hó esik!
[ˈmɑjd hɑ piroʃ hoː ɛʃik]
When red snow falls! | When red snow will fall!
That will never happen! | It is impossible to happen! | When pigs fly!
majd [ˈmɑjd hɑ piroʃ hoː ɛʃik]
1) later; at a time in the future; sometime
2) and then; after it
3) almost; nearly (also as “majdnem”)
ha [ˈhɑ] – if
piros [ˈpiroʃ] – red
[ˈhoː] – snow
esni [ˈɛʃni]
1) to fall
2) to rain
[e.g.: Esik az eső. / Esik. – It is raining.]
3) to make somebody feel somehow
[e.g.: Hogy esne neked, ha…? – How would you like/feel if …?]
[e.g.: Jól esett az ebéd. – The lunch was(/felt) good.]
4) to happen
[e.g.: Úgy esett, hogy … – It happened that …]
Even though it is said in this saying, it is incorrect to say “esik a hó” (the snow is falling). We say “hull a hó”.
hullani [ˈhulːɑni]
1) to fall (snow)
2) to flow (tears) [e.g.: hullanak a könnyeim – my tears are flowing]
3) to fall out (hair) [e.g.: hullik a hajam – my hair is falling out/falls out]
4) to die [e.g.: hullanak, mint a legyek – they are dying off like flies]

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