Month: May 2017


[ˈhɑʃmɛneːʃ] – diarrhoea
[Literally::: belly-going]
hashajtó [ˈhɑʃhɑjtoː] – laxative
[Literally::: belly-starter]
has [ˈhɑʃhɑjtoː] – belly; stomach
gyomor [ˈɟomor] – stomach
menni [ˈmenːi] – to go
1) to fold; to bend
2) to herd; to drive (animals)
3) to move; to drive; to propel; to impel (e.g. a machine)
4) to beat (game in hunting)
5) to drive (a cart, carriage or a modern car)
6) to repeat over and over
7) to purge (laxative)


Velencében vagyok.
[ˈvɛlentseːbɛn vɑɟok]  – I am in Venice.
Velencén vagyok. [ˈvɛlentseːn vɑɟok] – I am in Velence.

Velence is a town in the county of Fejér, Hungary, on the shore of Lake Velence. Its name is the same in Hungarian as that of the Italian city of Venice. It’s said that in the middle ages some Italian craftsmen worked in the area on some buildings and it was them who might have given a name to the town.

Velence [ˈvɛlentsɛ]  – Venice
Velence [ˈvɛlentsɛ]  – Velence


[ˈɛlsigɛtelni] – to isolate
[Literally::: to away-island]

elszigetelt [ˈɛlsigɛtelt] – isolated
[Literally::: away-island-ed]

elszigeteltség [ˈɛlsigɛteltʃeːg] – isolation
[Literally::: away-island-ed-ness]

Actually, “elszigetelni” literally means something like “to away-he-isolates/insulates”. 🙂

el [ˈɛl] – away
sziget [ˈsigɛt] – island