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[ˈloːfycː] – Bullshit! (slang)
[Literally::: horse-whistle]
Lófütty! is a nice way of cursing. You can use it when you do not want to say Lófaszt! (Horse-dick!) before the children, but still want to express your outrage.
[ˈloː] – horse
fütty [ˈfycː] – (a) whistle
fütyülni [ˈfycylni] – to whistle
fütyülés [ˈfycyleːʃ] – whistle; whistling
fasz [ˈfas] – dick; penis


[ˈlisteːrzeːkeɲ] – a person with coeliac disease
[Literally::: flour-sensitive]

lisztérzékenység [ˈlisteːrzeːkeɲʃeːɡ] – coeliac disease
liszt [ˈlist] – flour

érzékeny [ˈeːrzeːkeɲ] – sensitive
érzék [ˈeːrzeːk]
1) sense
2) talent

gluténmentes [ˈgluteːnmenteʃ] – gluten free
-mentes [ˈmenteʃ] – free of; free from; exempt from; devoid of (completely without); -less


[ˈtɛjføl] – sour cream
[Literally::: milk-up; milk-surface] 

tejfel [ˈtɛjfel] – sour cream (dialectical)
[Literally::: milk-up; milk-surface] 

tej [ˈtɛj] – milk
föl [ˈføl] – up (dialectical) 
fel [ˈfel] – up
felszín [ˈfelsiːn] – surface

Well, sour cream (tejfel) is milk fat, that can be found on the surface (felszín) of curd or sour milk (tej).

aludttej [ˈɑlutːɛj] – curd
[Literally::: slept-milk] 

savó [ˈʃɑvoː] – whey
aludni [ˈɑludni] – to sleep


[ˈtɛriːtøː] – tablecloth; cloth; pone
térítő [ˈteːriːtøː]
1) tropic
2) missionary, proselytizer
hittérítő [ˈhitːeːriːtøː] – missionary; converter
[Literally::: belief-spreadder]
teríteni [ˈtɛriːtɛni]
1) to lay the table; to set (to arrange the table with dishes and cutlery)
2) to hand out
téríteni [ˈteːriːtɛni]
1) to convert (to another faith)
2) to turn; to direct (to a place)
Baktérítő [ˈbɑkteːriːtøː] – Tropic of Capricorn
Ráktérítő [ˈraːkteːriːtøː] – Tropic of Cancer