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 [ˈloːdɑraːʒ] – hornet
[Literally::: horse-wasp <– a wasp as big as a horse] 

ló [ˈloː] – horse
darázs [ˈdɑraːʒ] – wasp



sülve-főve együtt vannak 
[ˈʃylvɛ føːvɛ eɟːytː vɑnːɑk]
– they are always together; they are together all the time
[Literally::: baked-cooked together they are]

sütni [ˈʃytni]
1) to bake
2) to roast
3) to shine (mainly the Sun) 

főni [ˈføni] – to be boiled; to be cooked
főzni [ˈføzni] – to cook; to brew

együtt [ˈeɟːytː] – together
egy [ˈeɟː] – one


 [ˈsøːløːsyrɛt] – grape harvest
szüret [ˈsyrɛt] – harvest; picking; crop
szüretelés [ˈsyrɛteleːʃ] – grape picking
szüretelni [ˈsyrɛtelni] – to pick grapes; to harvest
szüretel [ˈsyrɛtel] – he/she is picking grapes
szüretelő [ˈsyrɛteløː] – picker; vintager

szőlő [ˈsøːløː] – grape
szőlőfürt [ˈsøːløːfyrt] – cluster/bunch of grapes
szőlőkert [ˈsøːløːkɛrt] – vinery
szőlőskert [ˈsøːløːʃkɛrt] – vineyard; vinery
szőlőlugas [ˈsøːløːlugɑʃ] – vine-arbour
szőlőművelés [ˈsøːløːmyːvɛleːʃ] – viniculture
szőlősgazda [ˈsøːløːʃgɑzdɑ] – vine-grower
szőlőszedés [ˈsøːløːsedeːʃ] – grape picking
szőlőszem [ˈsøːløːsem] – grape (berry; small round thing :D) 
szőlőtő [ˈsøːløːtøː] – vine
szőlőtőke [ˈsøːløːtøːkɛ] – vine-stock; grapevine; vine



[Literally::: very old plot / very old piece of land]

Aggtelek is a village in the county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary. It is known for the vast stalactite caverns of the nearby Baradla-Domica cave system, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aggtelek and Slovak Karst.

agg [ˈɑgː] – very old; aged
telek [ˈtɛlɛk] – plot; parcel; ground; piece of land; property


[ˈturkaːloː] – second-hand shop
[Literally::: rummager] 

turi [ˈturi] – second-hand shop (slang) 

turkál [ˈturkaːl] – he/she/it is rummaging
turkálni [ˈturkaːlni] – to rummage
túrni [ˈtuːrni] – to dig
túr [ˈtuːr] – he/she/it is digging


 – Multiply (in Photoshop)
[Literally::: sandwich-positive]

Többszörözés [ˈtøbːsørøzeːʃ] – Multiply; multiplication
többszörözni [ˈtøbːsørøzni] – to clone; to multiply
többszöröz [ˈtøbːsørøz] – he/she/it is cloning/making more out of something
többször [ˈtøbːsør] – several times; repeatedly; often
több [ˈtøbː] – more
többszörös [ˈtøbːsørøʃ] – multiple; multi; multiplex
többszörösen [ˈtøbːsørøʃɛn] – multiply

Hungarians in Slovakia

You can see this decal on some glass doors of the CBA supermarket in South Slovakia. It says “We also speak Hungarian”. 😉

There is cca half million Hungarians living in Slovakia, mainly on the Southern part… not because they moved there, but because of the Treaty of Trianon the land where they and their ancestors used to live suddenly became an other country… first Czechoslovakia and later Slovakia… and I am one of them.

My grandfather’s great-great-grandparents were born in the Hungarian Kingdom.
My grandfather’s grandparents were born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
My grandfather’s parents and him were born in the first Czechoslovak Republic.
My parents and I were born in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.
My younger cousines were born in Slovakia. And yet we all lived in the same town or village, and our mother language is/was Hungarian. 😉