Thanks to my knowledge, and these sites I can bring you the most precise translation of the words and phrases::: wiktionary, Sztaki szótár and FinnHun szótár.

I’d also like to thank Łukasz Dziedzic for creating the Lato typeface family, and Alessio Laiso for creating the font Aleo, because these two fonts I use the most.



  1. Dear Linkingabo,

    I am contacting you with regards to your page. Congratulations, it is a very useful blog for Hungarian language learners!

    I would like to introduce our language portal to you. We currently offer over 28 dictionaries, including the Hungarian-English bilingual dictionary.. Besides translations we provide additional information such as synonyms, sample & context sentences, pronunciation, etc. Our language portal is completely free.

    I understand you already point to several websites but with our wide range of languages and additional dictionary functions we hope you could add us to your website as well. We are partners with the Oxford Dictionaries, therefore we only have quality materials on our website.

    If you could include our link on your website or if you are interested in a guest article, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards,

    Molnár Magdolna

    ________________________________________________________________ GmbH
    Twitter: @babla

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