majom a vízbe

Most ugrik a majom a vízbe. [ˈmoʃt ugrik ɑ mɑjom ɑ viːzbɛ] – Now the cat is out of the bag.
(Literally: Now the monkey is about to jump into the water.)
1) Now comes the most interesting part of the situation/​matter.
2) Now the outcome of a situation/​matter/​action will be revealed. This is the moment of truth.

most [ˈmoʃt] – now
ugrani [ˈugrɑni] – to jump
ugrik [ˈugrik] – he/she/it jumps; he/she/is about to jump
majom [ˈmɑjom] – monkey; ape
víz [ˈviːz] – water

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anyák [ˈɑɲaːk]
1) mothers
2) nuts (hardware)

anya [ˈɑɲɑ]
1) mother
2) nut (hardware)

anyacsavar [ˈɑɲɑtʃɑvɑr] – nut (hardware)
anyacsavarok [ˈɑɲɑtʃɑvɑrok] – nuts (hardware)

csavaranya [ˈtʃɑvɑrɑɲɑ] – nut (hardware)
csavaranyák [ˈtʃɑvɑrɑɲaːk] – nuts (hardware)

csavar [ˈtʃɑvɑr] – screw
csavarni [ˈtʃɑvɑrni]
1) to twist; to turn
2) (transitive) to screw

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tiszta kosz

Tiszta kosz vagy! [ˈtistɑ kos vɑɟ]
– You’re so dirty!; You’re full of dirt!
(Literally: You’re clean dirt.; You’re pure dirt.)

tiszta [ˈtistɑ]
1) clean; clear
2) pure (something); full (of something); fully covered in/with (something)

koszos vagy [ˈkosoʃ vɑɟ] – you’re dirty
koszos [ˈkosoʃ] – dirty; scruff
kosz [ˈkos] – dirt
bekoszol [ˈbɛkosol] – he/she/it makes something dirty

piszkos [ˈpiskoʃ] – dirty; filthy
piszok [ˈpisok] – dirt; filth; smudge; mess
bepiszkol [ˈbɛpiskol] – he/she/it makes something dirty

mocskos [ˈmotʃkoʃ] – dirty; filthy; unclean
mocsok [ˈmotʃok]
1) dirt; filth; stain
2) bastard (a contemptible person)

bemocskol [ˈbɛmotʃkol] – he/she/it makes something dirty/filthy
bemocskolta az emlékét [ˈbɛmotʃkoltɑ ɑz ɛmleːkeːt] – he/she tarnished his/her memory

sáros [ˈʃaːroʃ] – muddy; muddied; mudded
sár [ˈʃaːr] – mud

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Az agyamra mész!

Az agyamra mész! [ˈɑz ɑɟɑmrɑ meːs]
– you’re annoying me; you’re driving me crazy
(Literally: you’re going on my brain)

Az agyamra mégy! [ˈɑz ɑɟɑmrɑ meːɟ] (dialectical)
– you’re annoying me; you’re driving me crazy
(Literally: you’re going on my brain)

Az agyamra megy! [ˈɑz ɑɟɑmrɑ mɛɟ]
– he/she/it is annoying me; he/she/it is driving me crazy
(Literally: he/she/it is going on my brain)

agy [ˈɑɟ] – brain
menni [ˈmɛnːi]
1) to go
2) to work; to function

megy [ˈmɛɟ]
1) he/she/it is going
2) it’s working; it’s functioning

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boldog-boldogtalan [ˈboldog boldogtɑlɑn] – anyone; everyone; the whole world; all and sundry (everybody without distinction)

boldog [ˈboldog] – happy
boldogtalan [ˈboldogtɑlɑn] – unhappy

boldogság [ˈboldog] – happiness
boldogtalanság [ˈboldogtɑlɑnʃaːg] – unhappiness

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nyugtával dicsérd a napot

nyugtával dicsérd a napot [ˈɲugtaːvɑl ditʃeːrd ɑ nɑpot] – don’t praise something until it has been completed
(Literally: praise the day at sunset)

nap [ˈnɑp] – sun; day
napnyugta [ˈnɑpɲugtɑ] – sunset
nyugta [ˈɲugtɑ]
1) receipt (written acknowledgement)
2) rest; peace
3) sunset

nyugat [ˈɲugɑt] – west
nyugodt [ˈɲugotː] – calm; peaceful; tranquil
nyugodni [ˈɲugodni]
1) to rest
2) to set (sun)

nyugszik [ˈɲugsik] – it’s resting; it’s setting
megnyugszik [ˈmɛgɲugsik] – he/she is calming down
nyugodj meg! [ˈɲugoɟː mɛg] – calm down!
nyugi! [ˈɲugi] – don’t worry; fret not; take it easy; calm down (informal)
nyugalom! [ˈɲugɑlom] – don’t worry; fret not; take it easy; calm down
nyugalom [ˈɲugɑlom] – tranquillity; serenity; calmness; peacefulness

nyugtalanság [ˈɲugtɑlɑnʃaːg]
1) restlessness; disquiet; uneasiness; anxiety; inquietude
2) unrest; agitation; disturbance; turbulence; turmoil

nyugtalan [ˈɲugtɑlɑn]
1) restless
2) apprehensive; worried

nyugtat [ˈɲugtɑt] – he/she/it is calming / soothing / comforting
nyugtatni [ˈɲugtɑtni]
1) (transitive) to rest; to repose
2) (transitive) to calm; to still; to quiet; to soothe; to comfort

nyugtató [ˈɲugtɑtó]
1) sedative; tranquilizer (also as nyugtatószer)
2) calming; soothing; comforting

dicsérni [ˈditʃeːrni] – to praise; to compliment
dicsér [ˈditʃeːr] – he/she is praising / complimenting
dicséret [ˈditʃeːrɛt] – praise; compliment; commendation
dicséretes [ˈditʃeːrɛtɛʃ] – praiseworthy; laudable; commendable
dicséretre méltó [ˈditʃeːrɛtrɛ meːltoː] – praiseworthy

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mese habbal

mese habbal [ˈmɛʃɛ hɑbːɑl] – made up story; malarkey; lie
(Literally: fairy tale with whipped cream)

mese [ˈmɛʃɛ]
1) fairy tale; tale; fable
2) cartoon (also as “rajzfilm”)

hab [ˈhɑb]
1) foam
2) whipped cream
3) mousse
4) (beer) froth (as “sörhab”)
5) (soap) lather (as “szappanhab”)

kitaláció [ˈmɛʃɛ hɑbːɑl] – made up (story); malarkey
halandzsa [ˈhɑlɑndʒɑ] – malarkey; gibberish; nonsense
süket duma [ˈʃykɛt dumɑ] – malarkey; lie
(Literally: deaf-talk)

duma [ˈdumɑ] – talk; chat
dumálni [ˈdumaːlni] – to talk; to have a talk
(e.g.: Jót dumáltunk. – We had a nice talk.)

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jégcsap [ˈjeːgtʃɑp] – icicle
(Literally: ice-tap)

jég [ˈjeːg] – ice
csap [ˈtʃɑp]
1) tap; faucet
2) spigot; pivot; peg; pin (usually made of wood)
3) (anatomy) cone (a type of light-sensitive cell found along with rods in the retina of the eye)

csapos [ˈtʃɑpoʃ] – barman; bartender
csapol [ˈtʃɑpol] – he/she is tapping
csapolni [ˈtʃɑpolni] – to tap (to draw off liquid from a vessel)
csapolt sör [ˈtʃɑpolt ʃør] – draft beer
csapvíz [ˈtʃɑpviːz] – tap water

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szívem csücske

szívem csücske [ˈsiːvɛm tʃytʃkɛ] – my loved one; my favourite one
(Literally: tip of my heart; cusp of my heart)

Szívem csücske can be a person, place, job, event or almost anything that you really like. But in most cases you address this way your loved one. 🙂

szív [ˈsiːv]
1) he/she/it is sucking
2) heart ❤️

szívni [ˈsiːvni] – to suck

csücsök [ˈtʃytʃøk] – corner; tip; cusp; the bottom part of a drawn heart

csúcs [ˈtʃyːtʃ]
1) tip; point (the sharp end of a conical object)
2) top (the uppermost part of a tree, or of a tower tapering to a point)
3) (geography) peak; summit (the top of a hill, mountain or range, ending in a point)
4) (figuratively) pinnacle; peak; height (the point of greatest achievement or success)
5) record; peak (the highest value reached in a time period)
6) rush hour (the times of the day when traffic jams are commonplace)
7) summit (gathering or assembly of leaders)
8) (geometry) vertex (the common point of the two rays of an angle)
9) (attributive, colloquial) great!; fantastic!; awesome!; the bee’s knees (exceptionally good or impressive)

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