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Buda és Pest (1930)

“One of the most beautiful capitals in the world.”



osztálytalálkozó – class reunion
[Literally::: class-meeting]


1) class
2) department
3) division

találkozó – meeting
találka – meeting [slang]
tali – meeting [slang]

talizni – to meet [slang]
találkozni – to meet
találkozik – he/she/it meets

talál – he/she/it finds
1) to find
2) to hit (to manage to touch, strike, shoot etc. in the right place)


krumplicukor – potato candy


Krumplicukor is a ‘quick energy’ candy made from potato-starch. It has been used by athletes for hundreds of years, because it gives you energy so quickly.
For it is made from potato, it is harder than normal candies and has a unique taste, which you either love or hate. The process how it is made is similar to the one of the making of szőlőcukor, which is also a Hungarian candy. Szőlőcukor is softer and much sweeter and is mainly used by students, because it gives you energy and freshens your mind.


burgonyakeményítő – potato-starch
burgonya; krumpli – potato

keményíteni – to harden
keményítő – starch; farina
kemény – hard (resistant to pressure)

1) sugar
2) candy (also as ‘cukorka’)

radírok vs. rádírok

radírok vs. rádírok

radírok – rubbers
rádírok – I will write to you on your mobilephone or net account [slang]


radírgumi – rubber (gum)
radír – rubber
radírozni – to rub out; to erase

rádír – (s)he will write to you on your mobilephone or net account [slang]
ráír – (s)he will write to him/her on his/her mobilephone or some account on the Internet (FB, VK, Skype, …) [slang]

ráírni – to write to him/her on his/her mobilephone or some account on the Internet (FB, VK, Skype, …) [slang]

° °

rádcsörgök – I will call you; I will ring you [slang]
rácsörög – (s)he will call him/her; (s)he will ring him/her [slang]
rácsörögni – to call him/her; to ring him/her [slang]

csörögni – to ring; to rattle; to clink; to jingle
Csörög a telefon. – The telephone is ringing.

Slang expressions #19

Kimentünk beülni. [ˈkimentynk bɛylni]

Translation::: We went outside to sit in.
Meaning::: We went out to the town to sit into a bar, drink and talk.


menni [ˈmenːi] – to go
átmenni [ˈaːtmenːi] – to (go) cross; to come cross/through; to pass (an exam)
bemenni [ˈbɛmenːi] – to go in(side)
elmenni [ˈɛlmenːi] – to leave
felmenni [ˈfelmenːi] – to go up
kimenni [ˈkimenːi] – to go out(side)
lemenni [ˈlemenːi] – to go down
rámenni [ˈraːmenːi] – to go on(to); to visit a website
szétmenni [ˈseːtmenːi] – to come apart; to unravel; to split up

átment a vizsgán – (s)he passed the exam
bement a boltba – (s)he went into the shop
elment – (s)he left
elment a városba – (s)he went to the town
felment a hegyre – (s)he went up to the top of the hill
kiment az udvarra – (s)he went outside to the backyard
kiment a városba – (s)he went out to the town
kiment a házból – (s)he left the house
lement a földszintre – (s)he went downstairs
ráment a jégre – (s)he went onto the ice (e.g. of the lake)
ráment a weboldalra – (s)he visited the website
szétmentek – they split up

ülni [ˈylni]
1) to sit
2) to serve time; to be in jail [used in slang]

átülni [ˈaːtylni] – to change seat; to stand up from a place you were sitting and sit down at some other
beülni valahova [ˈbɛylni vɑlɑhovɑ] – to go out to the town into a bar to drink and talk
beülni valamibe [ˈbɛylni vɑlɑmibɛ] – to sit into something
[e.g.: Beültem ebbe a fotelbe. – I sat into this armchair.]

felülni [ˈfelylni]
1) to sit down at a place that is high(er)
[e.g.: Felült a lóra. – (S)He sat up on a horse.]
2) to get the desired effect (e.g. of a joke) [used in slang]
[e.g.: Felült az átverésnek. – (S)He has been punk’d/joked.]

kiülni [ˈkiylni] – to sit out
[e.g.: Jóidőben kiültünk az udvarra. – When the weather was good, we would sit out to the backyard.]

leülni [ˈleylni] – to sit down (somewhere)
ráülni [ˈraːylni] – to sit on (something)

You’ve got to love Hungarian! :D #36


csillagász – astronomer – астроном
[Literally/дословно::: starentist – звездоном]

csillag – star – звезда
csillagászat – astronomy – астрономия

csillagda – observatory – обсерватория [archaic/устарелый]
csillagvizsgáló – observatory – обсерватория
[Literally/дословно::: star investigator/examiner – исследователь звезды]


forgatókönyvírás – screenwriting
forgatókönyvíró – screenwriter; scenarist
forgatókönyv – screenplay; scenario; script


1) shooting of a film
2) rotation [in mathematics]
3) twirl

1) to shoot (a film)
2) to rotate
3) to twirl; to turn over; to make something spin

forgató – the person or object that shoots/rotates/twirls something
forog – (intransitive) to revolve; to rotate; to spin (continuously)
1) turning; revolving; rotating; whirling; circulating
2) (anatomy) joint
3) tuft; plume (a cluster of feathers worn as an ornament, especially on a helmet)

könyv – book
író – writer
írni – to write
írás – writing; script
1) he/she/it is writing; he/she/it writes
2) Irish