Month: March 2014

You’ve got to love Hungarian! :D #16

konyhamalac [ˈkoɲhɑmɑlɑts] – garbage disposal (slang)
[Literally::: kitchen piglet]

konyhai hulladékdaráló [ˈkoɲhɑi hulːadeːkdɑraːloː] – garbage disposal
[Literally::: garbage grinder of/from the kitchen]


konyha [ˈkoɲhɑ] – kitchen
malac [ˈmɑlɑts] – piglet
disznó [ˈdisnoː] – pig
sertés [ˈʃɛrteːʃ] – hog; swine; pig
hulladék [ˈhulːadeːk] – garbage
hullani [ˈhulːani]
1) to fall
[e.g.: Hull a hó. – It’s snowing. (Literally: the snow is falling)]
[e.g.: térdre hull – fall on one’s knees]
2) (tears) to flow
3) (hair) to fall out
4) to die
[e.g.: hullanak, mint a legyek – they are dying off like flies]

daráló [ˈdɑraːloː] – grinder
darálni [ˈdɑraːlni] – to grind; to mill

Hungarian quips #2


Nekem csobogsz, kispatak? [ˈnɛkem tʃobogs kiʃpɑtɑk]

Translation::: Are you babbling to me, little stream?
Meaning::: Are you talking to me, you little insignificant person?


nekem (van) – I (have)
nekem – for me; to me; me

csobogni [ˈtʃobogni] – to babble (to make a continuous murmuring noise, as shallow water running over stones)
csobogás [ˈtʃobogaːʃ] – babble (the sound of flowing water)

kis; kicsi – little; small

° °

forrás < ér < csermely < patak < folyó < folyam < tenger < óceán

forrás [ˈforaːʃ] – spring (water source)
ér [ˈeːr] – rill
csermely [ˈtʃɛrmɛj] – brooklet; rivulet; streamlet; rill; runnel
patak – stream; brook; runnel; rivulet
folyó [ˈfojoː] – river
folyam [ˈfojɑm] – big river
tenger – sea
óceán – ocean

folyni – to flow
folyik – it flows; it is flowing

Hungarian quips #1

Hungarian quips #1

Ha a mókusnak olyan feje lenne, mint neked, már rég magára gyújtotta volna az erdőt.

Translation::: If the squirrel had a head/face like yours, he would have long ago set the forest on fire with him inside (the forest).

Meaning::: You are ugly.


ha – if
mókus – squirrel
olyan – such; that; that kind of
1) head
2) face (only in some context)

lenne – if it were
lesz – it will be
mint – than; as…as; like
neked (van) – you (have)

már – already; yet
rég; régen – long ago; long time ago

1) himself/herself/itself
2) you (formal, singular)
magára gyújtani valamit – to set something on fire with him/her being inside that building/place
1) to light; kindle (a fire)
2) to spark; to fire

volna – third-person singular conditional present indefinite of van
[e.g.: jó volna – it would be good]
erdő – forest

beszólás; bemondás – quip; taunt; jeer
beszólni; bemondani – to quip

csúfolódás; gúnyolódás – gibe
csúfolni; kicsúfolni; kigúnyolni; sértegetni – to gibe; to ridicule; to mock

Slang expressions #5

Slang expressions #5

Ez a dolog engem hidegen hagy.
Ez hidegen hagy.

Translation::: This thing leaves me cold. / This leaves me cold.

Meaning::: I don’t care about it. / I am untouched by it. / I am not impressed. / That doesn’t appeal to me.

– Főnök, elnézést kérek a késésemért, de elaludtam, a kocsim nem indult, …
– Ez engem hidegen hagy, nem ez volt az első alkalom, hogy késtél. Ki vagy rúgva!

– Chief, I am sorry for being late, but I overslept, my car didn’t start, …
– I don’t care, it was not the first time you have done this. You are fired!


ez – this
1) affair; matter; thing
2) work
[e.g.: Dolgom van. – I have got work to do.]

engem; engemet – me (accusative form of ‘én’)
[e.g.: Látsz engem? – Can you see me?]

hideg – cold
1) to leave (something somewhere)
2) to let; to allow

főnök – boss; chief
Elnézést! – Sorry!
kérni – to ask (make a request)
késés – lag; delay; latency; leeway
késni – to be late
elaludni – to oversleep
1) cart; carriage
2) auto; car; automobile (rather slang expression)

1) to set off; to begin a trip
2) to start (in the passive sense)

első – first
alkalom – occasion; opportunity; chance; time
kirúgni (valakit) – to fire (someone)
1) to dismiss; to fire; to lay off
2) to set free; to liberate
3) to discharge