Month: April 2017


[ˈlɛpeːɲlɛʃøː] – mouth (slang)
[Literally::: pie-peeker; pie-lurker; pie-stalker;something that is (secretly) staring at and waiting for a pie to be given to him/her/it]

Fogd be a lepénylesődet! – Shut your mouth!
[ˈfogd bɛ ɑ lɛpeːɲlɛʃøːdɛt]


lepény [ˈlɛpeːɲ] – pie; cake; roundel
lesni [ˈlɛʃni]
1) to look; to stare; to peek; to lurk; to goggle
2) to cheat at a test by looking at someone else’s work

leselkedő [ˈlɛʃɛlkedøː] – lurker; keeker; skulk
leselkedni [ˈlɛʃɛlkedni] – to lurk
leselkedés [ˈlɛʃɛlkedeːʃ] – lurking; ambush