Month: May 2014

Veresegyházi Asszonykórus

..when Hungarian rock from the 80’s and folk meets:::

“Gyere, gyere szeress úgy kívánlak,
A karodat tárd ki a szíved nem kell nekem.
Egy ötletem van adjunk az erotikának,
Mixelhetnél egy szexikoktélt nekem.”

“Come, come love me, I want you so much,
Spread your arms, I don’t want your heart.
I have an idea, let’s celebrate eroticism,
You could mix a sexy cocktail to me.”


Veresegyházi Asszonykórus – Women’s Choir of Veresegyház
asszony – a woman, who has a husband; wife; woman
kórus – choir
énekkar – quire; choir
dalkör – choral society; choir

gyere! – come!
1) to hope; to wish
2) to desire; to want
kitárni – to spread; to unfold; to open (out)
ötlet – idea
adni – to give
mixelni – to mix
szexi – sexy
koktél – cocktail
italkeverék – cocktail
(Literally::: mix of a drink; mix of drinks)

dalszöveg; zeneszöveg – lyrics

Slang expressions #10



Translation::: He is getting/becoming Mickey Mouse.

Meaning::: He is getting bald. (in the way that is shown on the photo)


kopaszodni – to be getting bald
kopaszodik – he/she is getting bald
kopasz – bald
tar – bald

hullani – to fall
hull a haja – he/she is getting bald
(Literally::: his/her hair is falling)

hajhullás – loss of hair; alopecia; hair-falling
haj – hair (on the head)
hajatlan – hairless; bald

bőrhajú – bald
(Literally::: his/her hair is made of skin)
bőrfejű – skinhead
(Literally::: his/her head is made of skin)
bőrfej – skinhead
bőr – skin; leather
fej – head

Miki egér – Mickey Mouse
Mickey egér – Mickey Mouse

Palóc lesson #3

[ˈɑzutaːn] – and; and then; then; after
[ˈɑstaːn] – and; and then; then; after
azt’ [ˈɑst] – and; and then; then
oszt’ [ˈost] – and; and then; then (used in Palóc dialect)
osztan [ˈostɑn] – and; and then; then (used in Palóc dialect)

The expression might be used in some other dialects too.
I also have heard someone say ‘os’, like:::
os akkor… [ˈoʃ ˈɑkːor] – and then…

For example:::
Oszt akkor mi van?! – And then what?!; And what?!; So what?!
Menj haza, oszt feküdj le aludni. – Go home and go to sleep.


Oszt. – He/she/it is dividing.
Oszt. – He/she/it dealing (cards).

1) (arithmetic) to divide (to perform the operation of division)
2) to divide (to separate to parts)
[e.g.: A 6 osztja a 30-at. – 6 divides 30.]
3) (card games) to deal
[e.g.: Ki oszt? – Who is dealing the cards?]
4) to share (an opinion)
[e.g.: Osztom a véleményedet. – I share your opinion.]
5) to say (used in slang)

Hogy vagy? vs. Vagy hogy?

Hogy vagy? vs. Vagy hogy?

Hogy vagy? – How are you?
…, vagy hogy? – … or how?
[e.g.: Akkor azt mondod, hogy bal oldalról kezdjem el csinálni, vagy hogy? – So you’re saying I should start doing it from the left side, or how/what?]

1) that; so; so that
2) how?
hogyan? – how?

1) or; either … or (vagy … vagy)
2) you are (as ‘te vagy’)
3) about; like
[e.g.: Megettem vagy hét almát, és még mindig éhes vagyok. – I ate like seven apples and I am still hungry.]

vagy…vagy… – either…or…

You’ve got to love Hungarian! :D #19

maholnap | minap

ma – today
holnap – tomorrow
maholnap – either today, or tomorrow, or in one of the upcoming days
[e.g: Maholnap befejezem a projektet és megmutatom neked. – In one of the upcoming days I will finish the project and show it to you.]

minap – in one of the past few days; the other day
1) day
2) sun
[e.g: A minap találkoztam Annával a városban. –  I met Anna in town the other day.]

Hungarian proverbs #30

Kinek a pap, kinek a papné.
[ˈkinɛk ɑ pɑp kinɛk ɑ pɑpneː]
To one the priest, to other his wife. | One likes the priest, someone else his wife.
One likes this, the other likes that. | Someone likes this, someone else likes that. | We are all different, we all like some other thing.
Funny interpretation of the proverb:::
Kinek a pap, kinek a paplan.
[ˈkinɛk ɑ pɑp kinɛk ɑ pɑplɑn]
To one the priest, to other the duvet.
° °
kinek [ˈkinɛk] – to who; to whom; who
[e.g.: Kinek tetszik ez a dal? – Who likes this song?]
[e.g.: Kinek adtad a virágot? – To whom you gave the flower?]
pap [ˈpɑp] – priest
papné [ˈpɑpneː] – priest’s wife
paplan [ˈpɑplɑn] – duvet; continental quilt