Month: January 2016


bohóc [ˈbohoːts] – clown


No new posts until February 18

Hey everyone! Because of some university related activities I decided to limit my Daily magyar life and post almost nothing new until February 18. But when I come back, I’ll have some surprise for you. 😉

When in need, browse the 790 posts of my blog, most of which you probably haven’t seen yet.

A Bú család

, B.Ú.É.K., B. ú. é. k. or Búék is the abbreviation of the wish “Boldog új évet kívánok!” or “Boldog új évet kívánunk!”, which means “I/we wish you a happy new year!”.
But the word Búék can also mean “The Bús” (the family with the name Bú). And “A Bú család” means both “The Bú family” and “The sorrow family”, for bú means sorrow. 🙂

[ˈbuː] – sorrow
bánat [ˈbaːnɑt] – sorrow
szomorúság [ˈsomoruːʃaːɡ] – sorrow

bánatos  [ˈbaːnɑtoʃ] – sad; sorrowful
[ˈbuːbaːnɑtoʃ] – sad; sorrowful
bús [ˈbuːʃ] – sad; sorrowful
búskomor [ˈbuːʃkomor] – sad; sorrowful; melancholic
mélabús [ˈmeːlɑbuːʃ] – sad; sorrowful; gloomy
szomorú [ˈsomoruː] – sad; sorrowful; gloomy