Hungarian food

Magyar ételek


There are a lot of traditions in our culture and gastronomy, and one of them is eating lentil soup on the first day of the new year. We believe that if we do this, then the whole new year each day we will have enough money in our purse to live a good life. The many little round lentils symbolize money.

lencseleves [ˈlɛntʃɛlɛvɛʃ] – lentil soup
lencse [ˈlɛntʃɛ]
1) lentil
2) lens; glass

leves [ˈlɛvɛʃ] – soup
1) liquid
2) juice
3) gravy
4) money (used in slang)


lőre [ˈløːrɛ] – juice; drink (archaic)
1) liquid (dialectical)
2) juice; drink (dialectical)
3) he/she/it is shooting; he/she/it shoots
lőni [ˈløːni] – to shoot



– Hungarian pastry filled with sweet mousse/cream
[Literally::: mousse-window-blind]

hab [ˈhɑb] – foam; mousse
roló [ˈroloː] – window blind; shutter
redőny [ˈrɛdøːɲ] – window blind; shutter
sötétítő [ˈsøteːtiːtøː] – window blind; shutter
[Literally::: darkener]

Töltött káposzta

Töltött káposzta
 [ˈtøltøtː kaːpostɑ] – Hungarian stuffed cabbage

töltelék [ˈtøltɛleːk] – stuffing; filling
tölteni [ˈtøltɛni]
1) to fill; to stuff
2) to pour
[e.g.: Töltök egy pohár vizet. – I pour a glass of water.]
3) to charge
[e.g.: Mobiltelefon töltő. – Mobile phone charger.]
4) to pass; to spend
[e.g.: Mivel töltöd a napjaidat? – How do you pass your days?]

káposzta [ˈkaːpostɑ] – cabbage



Csípős Huszár

When you’ve run out of Erős Pista, but Csípős Huszár saves your life! 😀
erős [ˈɛpøːʃ] – strong; powerful
Pista [ˈpiʃtɑ] – nickname for István (Steven)
csípős [ˈtʃiːpøːʃ] – hot (spicy)
huszár [ˈhusaːr] – cavalryman
csípós [ˈtʃiːpoːʃ] – hot (spicy) [dialectical]
1) to pinch
2) to sting (bee, nettle); bite (mosquito); peck (bird)
3) to nip; cut (wind); burn (spice)
4) to like (used in slang)
[e.g.: Csípem őt! – I like her!]



molnár – miller
kalács – sweet bread; brioche
sütő – fryer; oven

For baking this Hungarian kalács you need a special Molnárkalács sütő.
Here is a recipe for Molnárkalács:::

1 kg flour
1 liter milk
1 vanilla sugar (usually it’s in a 10 g package)
1 egg
very little salt
a little bit more sugar (if needed)
a little oil or butter

Mix these ingrediences as if you were doing Hungarian pancakes. Beat the eggs with some oil, add vanilla sugar and sugar. When it’s beaten enough, add the flour and milk by turns. Some flour, some milk, some flour, some milk, until you have added all. Mix all these together until you have it smooth. Heat up the molnárkalács sütő, grease its inside with a piece of bacon each time. Pour some of the mixture, close the sütő. Wait until it finishes the screaming, turn the sütő, wait a little bit, then open and take out the molnárkalács.



A kürtőskalács egy nagy lyuk, tésztával körültekerve. – The chimney cake is a big hole wrapped in pastry. 😛

More chimney cakes at Rita’s Hungarian Delicacy. You can taste them on the Braye Road in St. Sampson on Guernsey island in the English Channel (the La Manche). Feel free to take a visit! 😀 🙂


kürtőskalács [ˈkyrtøːʃkɑlaːtʃ]
kürtő [ˈkyrtøː] – flue; duct; stack; chimney-stack
kalács [ˈkɑlaːtʃ] – nut roll; brioche; sweet bread
lyuk [ˈjuk] – hole
tészta [ˈteːstɑ] – pastry; dough; paste
körül [ˈkøryl] – around; about
kémény [ˈkeːmeːɲ] – chimney


kocsonya [ˈkotʃoɲɑ] – aspic
As a kid I used to call it “frozen soup”, for it kind of tastes and looks like it. 😀
The more paprika powder you put there, the more red it looks, just like our homemade kocsonya on these photos. My family rather prepares it with pigskin instead of pigmeat (pork), but all the other ingredients like onion, garlic, parsley, carrot, celery or kohlrabi, and black pepper are a must have! 🙂
Check out some recipe and more info here.