Lot of words for one thing

mainly synonyms – Sok szó egy dologra (főleg szinonímák)

te / ti / Ön / Önök / maga / maguk

– you (unisex informal singular – like tú in Spanish)
ti – you (unisex informal plural – like vosotros in Spanish)

Ön – you (unisex formal singular – like Usted in Spanish)
Önök – you (unisex formal plural – like Ustedes in Spanish)

maga – you (unisex formal singular)
maguk – you (unisex formal plural)

Maga and maguk are used to address an unknown or not respected person/people, or simply as a form of addressing, for example:
Maga ott, jöjjön ide! – Hey, you there, come here!
Már megint maga az?! – Is that you, again, what do you want?! (angry)
Maga kis szarkupac! – You little piece of shit! (angry & rude)

Csókoljon meg, maga nőcsábász! – Oh, kiss me, you womanizer!


[ˈkukɑts] – worm; maggot
giliszta [ˈgilistɑ] – worm; earthworm (lives in the ground)
hernyó [ˈhɛrɲoː] – caterpillar; worm; grub
pondró [ˈpondroː] – worm (lives in plants, roots, bad/rotten food or dead body)
nyű [ˈɲyː] – worm; maggot (lives in bad/rotten plants, meat or food)
féreg [ˈfeːrɛɡ] – worm; maggot (lives in animals, people or plants, may be a parasite, predator or pest)


elönti a méreg
[ˈɛlønti ɑ meːreɡ] – he/she gets angry
méreg [ˈmeːreɡ]
1) poison; venom
2) wrath; anger

mérgező [ˈmeːrɡɛzøː] – poisonous; toxic
mérges valakire – he/she is angry with somebody
mérges [ˈmeːrɡɛʃ]
1) poisonous; toxic; venomous; furious
2) angry
3) inflamed (e.g. mérges pattanás – inflamed pimple)

mérgében tört-zúzott – while being angry he was breaking anything he could


elönti a düh [ˈɛlønti ɑ dyh] – he/she gets angry
düh [ˈdyh] – anger; wrath
dühös [ˈdyhøʃ] – angry
dühödt [ˈdyhødt] – angry
feldühödik/bedühödik [ˈfel/bɛdyhødik] – he/she gets angry
dühbe jön [ˈdyhbe jøn] – he/she gets angry
dühbe gurul [ˈdyhbe gurul] – he/she gets angry

elönti a harag [ˈɛlønti ɑ hɑrɑg] – he/she gets angry
harag [ˈhɑrɑg] – anger; wrath
haragos [ˈhɑrɑgoʃ] – angry
haragszik [ˈhɑrɑgsik] – he/she is angry
megharagszik [ˈmeghɑrɑgsik] – he/she getss angry

elönti az epe [ˈɛlønti ɑz ɛpɛ] – he/she gets angry
epés [ˈɛpeːʃ] – angry
epe [ˈɛpɛ] – bile

harapós [ˈhɑrɑpoːʃ] – angry
harapni [ˈhɑrɑpni] – to bite

bosszús [ˈbossuːʃ] – angry; annoyed
bosszú [ˈbossuː] – vengeance; revenge

felbőszült [ˈbøːsylt] – angry
bősz [ˈbøːs] – grim
felbőszül [ˈfelbøːsyl] – he/she gets angry

zabos [ˈzɑboʃ] – angry
zab [ˈzɑb] – oat

sík ideg [ˈʃiːk idɛg] – angry [slang]
ideges [ˈidɛgeʃ] – nervous; angry
ideg [ˈidɛg] – nerv
felidegeskedik [ˈfelidɛgeʃkedik] – he/she gets angry

indulatos [ˈindulɑtoʃ] – angry
indulat [ˈindulɑt]
1) impulse; temper
2) mood; disposition
3) anger

bepipult – angry [slang]
pipa – pipe

felingerelt – angry
ingerült – angry; nervous
inger – stimulus; inducement

felforrt az agyvize – angry [slang]
[Literally::: his/her brain-water has boiled]

felpaprikázott – angry [slang]
paprika – paprika
paprikás; csípős; forró – hot

felcseszett – angry [slang]
felcsesződik – he/she gets angry

felszaródott – angry [vulgar, rude slang]
szar – shit [vulgar, rude slang]
felszaródik – he/she gets angry [vulgar, rude slang]

felbaszódott – angry [vulgar, rude slang]
baszni – to fuck [vulgar, rude slang]
felbaszódik – he/she gets angry [vulgar, rude slang]


vízszerelés – plumbery [slang]
vízvezeték-szerelés – plumbery
vízvezeték-szerelő – plumber
vízszerelő – plumber [slang]

gázszerelés – gas-fitting/repair/installation
gázszerelő – gas-man

fűtésszerelés – heating installation/repait
fűtésszerelő – heating engineer

villanyszerelés – electricity-fitting/repair/installation
villanyszerelő – electrician; electrical fitter


vízvezeték – water-conduit
víz – water
vezeték – conduit; duct; line; cable
1) to lead; to lead to
[e.g.: Ez az ajtó a pincébe vezet. – This door leads to the basement.]
2) to drive
[e.g.: Nem vezet kocsit. – He/she does not drive a car.]
3) to guide (e.g. a group of tourists)
4) to write; to keep a diary or documentate something
5) to conduct (water, gas, heating, electricity…)

gáz – gas
fűtés – heating
fűteni – to heat (to increase the temperature of a space)

1) lamp; light
2) electricity

villamosság – electricity
villanyáram – electricity
1) electricity; current
2) current; stream; flow (part of a fluid that moves continuously in a certain direction)


rendőrség – police
rend – order
1) guard, watchman, keeper
2) guardian, protector
a rend őre – the guard of the order
rendőr – policeman
[Literally::: the guard of the order; orderkeeper]
rendőrség – police

rendfenntartó – someone whose job is to take care of that the people will not make something against the order (he/she is not a police, nor a soldier, but something between)

1) tidy, neat
2) (of a person) decent, good, nice
[e.g.: Ez egy rendes ember. – He is a decent man.]
3) normal, usual

rendtelen – not in order; without an order
1) untidy, disorderly
2) (of a person) careless; negligent; sloppy
3) irregular

1) to misbehave; to be mischievous; to play up
2) to play up (to hurt, give one pain, trouble)
[e.g.: Már megint rendetlenkedik a szívem. – My heart is playing me up again.]

1) untidiness
2) litter
3) mess
[e.g.: Hogy merészeltek ilyen rendetlenséget csinálni, kis csibészek?! – How dare you make such a mess, you little devils? / How dare you make such a mess, you little devils?]

rendzavaró – disorderly
[Literally::: someone/something that is disturbing the order/quiet]
zavarni – to disturb; to molest; to bother

rendszerető – tidy; orderly
[Literally::: someone who loves the order]


1) gendarme (member of gendarmerie), especially a member of the police force which was active until 1945 in Hungary
[Literally::: the guard of the silent/quiet; silent/quietkeeper]
2) policeman (used in slang)

csendőrség – gendarmerie
1) silence; stillness; hush
[e.g.: Csend legyen! – Silence!]
[e.g.: Ahogy belépett, hirtelen csend ülte meg a szobát. – When he entered, a hush came over he room.]
2) quietness
3) calmness

csendélet – still life

° °

járőrözni – to patrol
1) patrol (person)
2) police car; patrol car

őrnagy – major
őrmester – sergeant
őrbódé – sentry-box
bódé – stand; stall (a very small building made of weak material often used as a shop)
testőr – bodyguard



éjszaka <– az éjnek a szaka
[Literally::: the part/period of the night]
éjszaka; éjjel; éj – night
éjszaka; éjjel – at night
éjszakai; éjjeli; éji – nightly; nocturnal; night-
éjszakánként – per night; nightly
éjjelenként – per night; nightly
éjenként – per night; nightly
éjjelente; éjente – at nights; nightly
éjtszaka – night (archaic)
éccaka – night (dialectical) – used only in speech
1) period; part (of day, year)
2) department (of university)
3) profession

üzemanyagtöltő állomás

benzinkút – gas/petrol station; filling station
[Literally::: gasoline-well]

töltőállomás – gas/petrol station; filling station
[Literally::: filling station]

üzemanyagtöltő állomás – gas/petrol station; filling station
[Literally::: gas/fuel-filling station]


üzemanyag – fuel; gas; gasoline; propellant
üzemel – operates; is in operation; works
1) plant (factory or industrial facility)
2) functioning; operation
[e.g.: üzemen kívül – out of order (not functioning)]

1) material; matter; substance
2) (school) a unit of knowledge to be taught and learnt
3) drug [used in slang]

benzin – gasoline; petrol
kút – well
állomás – station
tölt – he/she/it pours/passes; it charges/loads
1) to pour
[e.g.: Töltök egy pohár vizet. ― I pour a glass of water.]
2) to charge (electrically)
[e.g.: Az akkumulátort gyakran kell tölteni. ― The accumulator needs to be charged often.]
3) (computing) to load
[e.g.: Sokáig tölt ez a program. ― It takes long for this program to load.]
4) to pass (time)
[Mivel töltöd a napjaidat? ― What do you pass your days with?]


elvileg – theoretically; in theory; supposedly
elvi – theoretical; …of principle
elv – principle
elme – mind; intellect; intelligence; wit; brain
elmélet – theory; speculation; conception
elméleti – theoretical; speculative; academic
elméletileg – theoretically; in theory; hypothetically


elvi kérdés – matter of principle

° °

elmebeteg – mentally ill; insane; nutcase; batty; crazy
[Literally::: mind-ill]

elmebajos – mentally ill; insane; nutcase; batty; crazy
[Literally::: mind-troubled]

elmezavarodott – mentally ill; insane; nutcase; batty; crazy
[Literally::: mind-confused]

elmeháborodott – mentally ill; insane; nutcase; batty; crazy
[Literally::: mind-demented]

elmeroggyant – mentally ill; insane; nutcase; batty; crazy
[Literally::: mind-broke-down; mind-collapsed; mind-fallen]

eszeveszett – mentally ill; insane; nutcase; batty; crazy
[Literally::: wit-lost]

eszement – mentally ill; insane; nutcase; batty; crazy
[Literally::: wit-left; his/her wit left him]

eszetlen – mentally ill; insane; nutcase; batty; crazy
[Literally::: wit-less; without wit]

ész – wit; brain


ürgeüreg – gopher hole
ürgelyuk – gopher hole

ürge – gopher
üreg – hole; well
ürege – his/her/its hole
üreges – hollow; pitted; scooped
üres – empty; hollow; idle; blank; leer
1) space (in astronomy)
2) void; blank; emptiness

1) to empty; to purge
2) to pee; to urinate; to defecate

ürül – is becoming empty
kiürül – becomes empty
kiürülni – to become empty


A fürge ürge ürege üres. – The nimble gopher’s hole is empty.
fürge – nimble; perky; lively; vivid

lyuk – hole
luk – hole [archaic & used in some dialects]
lik – hole [archaic & used in some dialects]
lék – hole; leak; spring (ship)
rés – hole; gap; rift; slit
repedés – hole; crack; rift; slit
hasadék – hole; crack; rift; slit
hasíték – hole; crack; rift; slit
hézag – hole; gap; leak
nyílás – hole; opening; rift; slit; gap
odú – hole; hollow; haunt; den; cavity
vájat – hole; hollow

Lot of words for one thing #29

rögtön – immediately
rögvest – immediately
máris – immediately
most – immediately; now
nyomban – immediately
azon nyomban – immediately
azonnal – immediately
azonmód – immediately
sebesen – immediately; quick!; quickly
sebtében – immediately; quick!; quickly
sebtiben – immediately; quick!; quickly
iziben – immediately; quick!; quickly
tüstént – immediately; quick!; quickly
hamar – immediately; quick!; quickly

..the words above can also be used when saying “But you should do it immediately!”, but the words under are rather used when saying “He/she did it immediately (so fast).”:::

egyből – immediately
kapásból – immediately
menten – immediately
szélsebesen – immediately; as fast as the wind
egy szempillantás alatt – immediately; in the twinkling of an eye
abban a pillanatban – immediately; in that moment
azon melegében – immediately
azon minitumban – immediately