Month: July 2017

térerő vs. erőtér

[ˈteːrɛrøː] – signal; reception
erőtér [ˈɛrøːteːr] – force field
tér [ˈteːr] – square; space; field; scope; range
erő [ˈɛrøː] – force; power; strength
Az Erő legyen veled! – May the Force be with you!


 [ˈneːɟsemkøst] – in private; between you and me
[Literally::: four-eyes-between]

Beszélhetnénk négyszemközt? – Could we talk in private?

négyszemközti [ˈneːɟsemkøsti] – private; one-to-one
négy [ˈneːɟ] – four
szem [ˈsem] – eye
között [ˈkøzøtː] – between; among
közt [ˈkøst] – between; among

Báthory Erzsébet

Last weekend I visited the ruins of the castle in Čachtice (Csejte), which used to be the home of Erzsébet Báthory who is alleged to be the world’s most prolific female serial killer… she was a Hungarian noblewoman from the Báthory family of nobility in the Kingdom of Hungary.

There is a room with infographical tables in the castle with texts (in English, German, Hungarian and Slovak) about her, the era and the castle itself. Be sure to visit the place once you visit Slovakia. 😉

You can read some more about her on wikipedia or here.