Month: March 2017


a hét végéig
 [ˈɑ heːt ˈveːgeːig] – until the end of the week; before the end of the week
a hétvégéig [ˈɑ heːtveːgeːig] – until weekend; before weekend

a hét vége [ˈ ɑ heːt veːge] – the end of the week
hétvége [ˈheːtveːge] – weekend
a hétvége vége [ˈ ɑ heːtveːge veːge] – the end of the weekend



[ˈbeːtʃ] – Vienna

The origin of the town’s name in Hungarian, Croatian and Serbian is still uncertain. Some say it might come from the name of an Avar fort, which existed in the area.