Az ember azt hiszi, hogy már itt a tavasz, erre leesik 10 centi hó, a hőmérséklet meg 2°C-ra csökken.
One would think that spring is already here, and then/suddenly 10 cm snow falls down, and the temperature drops to 2°C.


hisz – he/she believes
hiszi – he/she believes/thinks, that…
1) to believe; to have faith in
2) to think; to believe; to guess

már – already; yet
tavasz – spring

ez – this
1) onto this
2) and then; and suddenly [slang]

esni – to fall
leesni – to fall down
leesik – falls down
centi – centimeter [slang]
centiméter – centimeter
hó – snow
hő – heat; warmth
hőmérséklet – temperature
mérséklet – modesty; restraint; moderation
1) step; stair
2) degree; scale; grade

csökken – decreases; lessens; drops (down)
csökkenni – to decrease; to lessen; to drop (down)



megmagyarázhatatlanság – unexplainableness
megmagyarázhatatlan – unexplainable
megmagyarázható – explainable
megmagyarázhat – he/she can explain
megmagyaráz – he/she/it explains (it fully)
magyaráz – he/she is explaining
magyar – Hungarian
magyarázat – explanation
magyarán – squarely; straightforwardly; frankly; bluntly; roundly
(in plain language, without mincing words)
[e.g.: magyarán mondva – frankly spoken]

1) in Hungarian; Hungarian
[e.g.: Mit jelent ez magyarul? – What does it mean in Hungarian?]
[e.g.: Nem beszélek magyarul. – I don’t speak Hungarian.]
2) (figuratively) to put/say it clearly (in a straightforward way); that is (without beating about the bush)
[e.g.: Nem tartották be az ígéretüket. Magyarul hazudtak. – They did not keep their promise. That is, they lied.]


óraátállítás – time change; changing/(re-)setting the time
óra átállítás – placing the ‘á’ onto the ‘ó’


1) clock
2) hour
3) onto the letter ‘ó’

1) retooling; regearing
2) placing the letter ‘á’

1) to retool; to regear
2) to place/build the letter ‘á’

1) to place; to put; to stand
2) to assert; to claim; to allege

1) through; over; across; via
2) by; via
3) the letter ‘á’ (accousative)

° °

Besenyő Pista bácsi‘s speech on the time change (óraátállítás).
He is a character from the Hungarian acting group, L’art pour l’art Társulat​, that play mostly absurd humour. 🙂


[ˈyrgɛyrɛg] – gopher hole
ürgelyuk [ˈyrgɛjuk] – gopher hole
ürge [ˈyrgɛ] – gopher
üreg [ˈyrɛg] – hole; well
ürege [ˈyrɛge] – his/her/its hole
üreges [ˈyrɛgeʃ] – hollow; pitted; scooped
üres [ˈyrɛʃ] – empty; hollow; idle; blank; leer
űr [ˈyːr]
1) space (in astronomy)
2) void; blank; emptiness
üríteni [ˈyriːtɛni]
1) to empty; to purge
2) to pee; to urinate; to defecate
ürül [ˈyryl] – is becoming empty
kiürül [ˈkiyryl] – becomes empty
kiürülni [ˈkiyrylni] – to become empty

Lot of words for one thing #29

rögtön – immediately
rögvest – immediately
máris – immediately
most – immediately; now
nyomban – immediately
azon nyomban – immediately
azonnal – immediately
azonmód – immediately
sebesen – immediately; quick!; quickly
sebtében – immediately; quick!; quickly
sebtiben – immediately; quick!; quickly
iziben – immediately; quick!; quickly
tüstént – immediately; quick!; quickly
hamar – immediately; quick!; quickly

..the words above can also be used when saying “But you should do it immediately!”, but the words under are rather used when saying “He/she did it immediately (so fast).”:::

egyből – immediately
kapásból – immediately
menten – immediately
szélsebesen – immediately; as fast as the wind
egy szempillantás alatt – immediately; in the twinkling of an eye
abban a pillanatban – immediately; in that moment
azon melegében – immediately
azon minitumban – immediately

dagad a Hold

How to tell if the Moon “grows” (waxes) or “shrinks” (wanes) in Hungarian?


When the Moon grows, it looks like a D and when it shrinks, it looks like a C, so:::
Dagad/Duzzad a Hold – the Moon swells
Csökken a Hold – the Moon lessens/decreases


dagadni – to swell; to rise; to wax; to fatten; to belly
duzzadni – to swell; to belly
csökkenni – to decrease; to lessen; to wane

Hold – Moon
1) moon
2) acre; unit of surface area, originally meant the same as acre, has different kinds ranging from 3500 m^2 to 8400 m^2 (also as ‘egy hold föld’)


napfogyatkozás – solar eclipse
[Literally::: sun-decrease]

részleges napfogyatkozás – partial solar eclipse
teljes napfogyatkozás – total solar eclipse


1) sun
2) day

1) shortcoming; blemish; fault (in character)
2) defect (in physical body)
3) decrease; lessening; diminution (of quantity)
4) (astronomy) eclipse

fogyatkozik – it lessens; it decreases; it diminishes
fogyatkozni – to lessen; to decrease; to diminish
1) to lessen; to decrease; to diminish
2) to lose weight (become thinner)

1) it lessens; it decreases; it diminishes
2) he/she/it loses weight

részleges – partial
1) part; segment; section; passage
2) episode

teljes – complete; entire; full; total; whole