Month: January 2017

Halvány lila gőzöm sincs.

Halvány lila gőzöm sincs.

[ˈhɑlvaːɲ lilɑ gøːzøm ʃintʃ]

I don’t even/either have a light purple steam.

I don’t have the foggiest idea. | I don’t have the slightest idea. | I don’t know.

halvány [ˈhɑlvaːɲ] – light; pale; faint
lila [ˈlilɑ] – purple
gőz [ˈgøːz] – steam; fume; vapour
sincs [ˈʃintʃ] – neither; either there is (not)



There are a lot of traditions in our culture and gastronomy, and one of them is eating lentil soup on the first day of the new year. We believe that if we do this, then the whole new year each day we will have enough money in our purse to live a good life. The many little round lentils symbolize money.

lencseleves [ˈlɛntʃɛlɛvɛʃ] – lentil soup
lencse [ˈlɛntʃɛ]
1) lentil
2) lens; glass

leves [ˈlɛvɛʃ] – soup
1) liquid
2) juice
3) gravy
4) money (used in slang)


lőre [ˈløːrɛ] – juice; drink (archaic)
1) liquid (dialectical)
2) juice; drink (dialectical)
3) he/she/it is shooting; he/she/it shoots
lőni [ˈløːni] – to shoot