Slang expressions #23

baszni [ˈbɑsni] – to fuck; to have sex (rude)
baszni rá [ˈbɑsni raː] – to not to give a fuck about
rábaszni [ˈraːbɑsni] – to take a knock
megbaszni [ˈmegbɑsni] – to fuck somebody
megbaszni [ˈmegbɑsni] – to penalize; to punish
megbaszni [ˈmegbɑsni] – to fuck somebody up; to beat somebody up; to kick and hit somebody
átbaszni [ˈaːtbɑsni] (valakit) – to fool (someone)
átbaszni [ˈaːtbɑsni] (valamit valamin) – to throw (something above/across smthing)
bebaszni [ˈbɛbɑsni] – to get drunk
bebaszni [ˈbɛbɑsni] (valamit valahova) – to hit/beat (something into somewhere)
bebaszni [ˈbɛbɑsni] (valamit valahova) – to throw (something into somewhere)
bebaszni [ˈbɛbɑsni] (az üveget) – to break (window, any glass, with hit or throw in sg.)
bebaszni [ˈbɛbɑsni] (az ajtót) – to slam (the door); to shut (the door)
kibaszni [ˈkibɑsni] (valamit) – to throw out (something)
kibaszni [ˈkibɑsni] (valakivel) – to fool/make fun of (somebody)
lebaszni [ˈlebɑsni] (valakit) – to scold (someone)
lebaszni [ˈlebɑsni] (valamit valahova) – to throw down (something somewhere)
felbaszni [ˈfelbɑsni] (valamit valahova) – to throw up (something somewhere)
felbaszni [ˈfelbɑsni] (valakit) – to piss off (someone)
rábaszni [ˈraːbɑsni] – to strike on (something)
elbaszni [ˈɛlbɑsni] (valamit) – to mess up (something)
elbaszni [ˈɛlbɑsni] (valakit) – to hit (someone by car)
odabaszni [ˈodɑbɑsni] – to throw something to a place
odabaszni [ˈodɑbɑsni] – to be awesome; to be cool
szétbaszni [ˈseːtbɑsni] – to break something
összebaszni [ˈøsːebɑsni] – to ruin something
visszabaszni [ˈvisːɑbɑsni] – to throw something back


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