Lot of words for one thing #16

[ˈvilːaːmlaːʃ] – lightning; thunderbolt
villám [ˈvilːaːm]
1) lightning
2) my fork
3) my villa

villámcsapás [ˈvilːaːmtʃɑpaːʃ] – lightning; thunderbolt
[Literally::: lightning stroke]

mennykőcsapás [ˈmeɲːkøːtʃɑpaːʃ] – lightning; thunderbolt
[Literally::: heaven’s stone’s stroke]

mennykő [ˈmeɲːkøː] – lightning; thunderbolt
[Literally::: heaven stone; heaven’s stone]

ménkő [ˈmeːnkøː] – lightning; thunderbolt
ménkű [ˈmeːnkyː] – lightning; thunderbolt
istennyila [ˈiʃtɛnɲilɑ] – lightning; thunderbolt [Literally::: God’s arrow]


villamosság [ˈvilːɑmoʃːaːg] – electricity
villamos [ˈvilːɑmoʃ]
1) tram
2) electric(al)

villamosáram [ˈvilːɑmoʃaːrɑm] – current
villanyáram [ˈvilːɑɲaːrɑm] – electricity
villany [ˈvilːɑɲ]
1) (electric) light
2) electricity

áram [ˈaːrɑm]
1) electricity
2) (electric) current
3) current; stream; flow (part of a fluid that moves continuously in a certain direction)
4) my price

° °

ár [ˈaːr]
1) price
2) flood or high tide
3) awl (tool)
4) are (unit of measurement, 100 m2)

villa [ˈvilːɑ]
1) fork
2) villa

csapás [ˈtʃɑpaːʃ]
1) stroke; blow; hit
2) disaster; calamity; misfortune; blow (of fortune)
3) track; trail (of animals)

menny [ˈmeɲː] – heaven
mennyország [ˈmeɲːorsaːg]
1) heaven; Kingdom of Heaven
2) (by extension) paradise; happiness; bliss

[ˈkøː] – stone
isten [ˈiʃtɛn] – god
nyíl [ˈɲiːl] – arrow



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